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Family counselling


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Trust OnTrack Psychology Brisbane to help with whatever relationship problems you are experiencing.

Relationship Problems?

psychologist brisbane post natal depression

psychologist brisbane post natal depression

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psychologist brisbane new parents

brisbane psychology

psychologist brisbane new parents

Couples Therapy

At OnTrack Psychologist Brisbane, we can help couples and adults looking for professional counselling services in Brisbane and suburbs to deal with common issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and related mental health and wellbeing issues related to issues in their personal or professional life.


Trauma can be experienced at very short notice, but have long-term impacts and effects on individuals, couples, and families. The impacts on mental ill-health can be overcome by changing how you understand traumatic events – at OnTrack Psychology Brisbane we will work with you to develop techniques to overcome the issues you;’re experiencing.


Ontrack Clinical Psychology Brisbane specialises in treating children and adults experiencing depression, knowing the impact depression can have on individuals and families. We apply a range of treatments and therapeutic interventions to help you deal with depression.

Children Psychologist

Child Psychologist Brisbane – behaviour refers to how a child conducts themselves and acts individually, or with family and friends in school and social settings. If your child is demonstrating unusual behaviours, we will work individually and with family members to understand the behaviours and put in place interventions to address and monitor. See also: Child Psychology Brisbane


Anxiety is simply fear of the future, and is common in today’s society – anxiety can be crippling and debilitating. Anxiety is a feeling in your body, which although can have devastating effects, can be completely overcome by following specific techniques. Contact us to arrange a consultation.


At OnTrack Psychologist Brisbane, we can help adults looking for premium counselling services to assist in overcoming anxiety, depression, stress, traumatic life experiences, and other longstanding issues impacting your health and wellbeing.

Ontrack Psychology Brisbane

Expert Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane, Queensland Australia

OnTrack Psychology Brisbane is a psychology service servicing central Brisbane, and all suburbs specialising in a range f services including child and adolescent psychology, anxiety, depression, mood swings, couples therapy and postnatal depression. We look forward to hearing from you, where we will provide an obligation-free initial consultation.

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Specialist Psychology Services Brisbane

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OnTrack Psychology Brisbane – Please feel free to contact us for an initial assessment or to make an appointment. You do not need a referral and can access counselling simply by clicking here. We look forward to helping you, we take the time, the effort and work closely with you and your family as applicable to address your mental health issues,

Therapy with OnTrack Psychology

I am a qualified, registered psychologist in Brisbane with a strong interest in working with trauma and anxiety, but I also have extensive experience working with a wide range of difficulties including mother and baby, and a range of child and adolescent behaviours. I have worked in primary mental health care in a hospital setting, a university clinic, a specialist anxiety clinic, and in community and school settings. I value evidence-based practice and am familiar with a number of well-validated therapies and techniques including cognitive behaviour therapy. I will work with you to determine what will be effective in your particular circumstance recognising that that mental illness is common and recovery from mental ill-health will help you in leading a more fulfilling life.

Professional Psychology Services Brisbane, Queensland Australia


At Ontrack Psychology, we are all highly experienced, certified practising psychologists registered with AHPRA, the psychology accreditation board of Australia.

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AHPRA Accreditation Psychology Australia

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OnTrack Psychology Brisbane

OnTrack Psychology Brisbane

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