Ontrack Psychology Brisbane specialises in treating children and adults experiencing depression, knowing the impact depression can have on individuals and families. We apply a range of treatments and therapeutic interventions to help you deal with depression and related conditions of new motherhood, as well as ASD, ADHD, and related psychological conditions in children and young persons. We specialise in treating new mothers struggling with post-natal depression. 

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Child Psychology

OnTrack Psychology Brisbane offers a clinical psychology service that works predominantly with infants, children, adolescents, their parents, families, and caregivers. I am a highly qualified, experienced and committed psychologist dedicated to providing the possible highest standard of psychological services that draw from evidence-based, best practice, knowledge, and experience in infant, child, and adolescent development. I provide a secure environment, comfortable and nurturing for families to be able to come and talk about issues of concern.


Is your child experiencing social, emotional or challenging behavioural problems? Do you have concerns about your child’s progress at school, forming and maintaining relationships? Are you struggling with parenting your child or children, newborn, infants or adolescents? Do you think your child could benefit from NDIS services? We can help. I am an experienced child and youth psychologist with experience working with young people and their families in a variety of settings including schools, disability services, child protection services, crisis, family counselling and mediation services. Contact me today.


OnTrack Psychology Brisbane specialises in treating children and adults experiencing depression and anxiety, knowing the impact these conditions can have on individuals and families. We apply a range of treatments and therapeutic interventions to help you deal with depression and anxiety. The types of problems and concerns we can assist with include, separation, social or generalised anxiety, depression, excessive fears and phobias, childhood trauma, attachment disorders, eating disorders, early onset psychosis

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About Me

OnTrack Psychology Brisbane

OnTrack Psychology Brisbane is a psychology service operated by Isobel Stokes servicing central Brisbane, and all suburbs specialising in a range of services including child and adolescent psychology, anxiety, depression, mood swings, couples therapy, and postnatal depression. We look forward to hearing from you, where we will provide an obligation-free consultation.

Our Services

We Provide Quality Psychology Services in Brisbane

Family Counselling

At OnTrack Psychology Brisbane, we specialise in family counselling services.

Mental Health Assessments

At OnTrack, we used evidence based mental health assessment tools.

Educational Developmental

I am a qualified Educational Development Psychologist, specialising in ASD.

My Speciality

Getting you and your loved ones back On Track.

Paediatric Psychology

As a qualified psychologist, I am expert in the diagnosis and management of children with emotional and behavioural problems.

Mother and Baby

Every new mother has the best intention for a positive relationship with their child, yet this does not always go to plan. Are you feeling doubt, or struggling with your new born baby? Contact me today.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorders appear very early in a child’s life, generally before the age of three, and are characterised by problems in social interaction, communication skills, and different sets of symptoms.

child psychologist brisbane

Ontrack Psychology Brisbane

child psychologist brisbane

I am a qualified child and youth psychologist, specialising in helping young people and their families develop healthy positive relationships and home lives, for the benefit of all family members and friends to improve socialisation and lead a happier life. I can also help NDIS participants.