On Track Psychology Brisbane specialises in treating individuals with current challenges and and working with families, parents, children and adults experiencing a range of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety and stress.  We apply a range of treatments and therapeutic interventions tailored to your individual needs to help you cope with stressors and transitions in life. 

Isobel Stokes On Track Psychology
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About On Track Psychology

On Track Psychology

On Track Psychology Brisbane is a psychology service operated by Isobel Stokes servicing South and central Brisbane or via Telehealth specialising in a range of services including individual adult therapy, family therapy, anxiety, depression, relational issues, child and adolescent psychology, and postnatal depression. 

Developmental Psychology

On Track Psychology Brisbane offers a clinical psychology service that works across the lifespan from newborns, infants, children, adolescents, their parents, families, and caregivers to older adults. Isobel is a qualified, experienced and committed psychologist dedicated to providing the highest standard of care draw from evidence-based, best practice, and knowledge, and experience. Isobel provides a secure environment, comfortable and nurturing for families to be able to come and talk about your concerns or challenges.


On Track Psychology Brisbane treats adults and families experiencing depression and anxiety, knowing the impact these conditions can have on lives. We apply a range of treatments and therapeutic interventions to help you understand and cope with mental health difficulties. The types of problems and concerns we can assist with include, separation, social or generalised anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, attachment disorders, and relational growth.

Our Services

We Provide Quality Psychology Services in Brisbane

Family Therapy

At On Track Psychology Brisbane, we specialise in family counselling services.

Mental Health Assessments

At On Track, we used evidence based mental health assessment tools.

Educational Developmental

Isobel is an endorsed Educational Development Psychologist. This means she has extensive training in autism (ASD), ADHD and other disabilities.

My Speciality

Getting you and your loved ones back On Track.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability characterised by differences some behaviours, including social communication, anxiety, and sensory needs. Isobel works from a neuro-affirming approach and will work with where you're at and recognise the uniqueness of each individual.

Perinatal Psychology

Every new parent has the best intention for a positive relationship with their child, and we all need help from time to time. Are you feeling doubt, or struggling with your new baby? Isobel has undertaken many years of specialised training in perinatal mental health.

Isobel Stokes On Track Psychology

On Track Psychology Brisbane

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