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Isobel sees clients with a range of presentations and difficulties in therapy, including but not limited to:

  • Perinatal difficulties (e.g., post-natal depression, anxiety, conception, bonding with baby, adjustment difficulties).
  • Parenting concerns.
  • Parent-infant attachment relationship.
  • Depressive and anxiety disorders.
  • Difficulties in relationships.
  • Adjustment to transition periods in life (e.g., coming of age, menopause, retirement).
  • Clients seeking to notice and change patterns of behaviour.
  • Processing early life experiences and relationship patterns.
  • Self-exploration, growth, and healing.

Isobel provides a range of NDIS services to fit individuals’ needs based on their plan. These can include:

  • Social skill development to assist in daily functioning at school, work, or in the community.
  • Therapeutic counselling to provide an understanding of self and others to maintain independent functioning.
  • Lego therapy to improve social and communication abilities in children to improve functional outcomes across the lifespan.

Isobel can provide psychoeducational and developmental assessments on request. Please get in contact for more information.

To organise an appointment or initial consultation, please contact us using our contact form.

We provide a completely safe, completely confidential service where we aim to put you at ease and take whatever time is necessary to allow you to talk about your problems so together we can formulate a care plan. You don’t need to bring anything specific, however you are always welcome to bring with you anything that helps to put you at ease. If you have notes, diaries or anything that helps you to verbalise or communicate the issues you are facing, you are very welcome to bring them with you. You are very welcome to bring a support person – please discuss this with OnTrack Psychology Brisbane when making an appointment.

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I am a qualified child and youth psychologist, specialising in helping young people and their families develop healthy positive relationships and home lives, for the benefit of all family members and friends to improve socialisation and lead a happier life.