Fees and Rebates

On Track Psychology is currently accepting new clients with appointment available at select times Monday to Friday. To make an appointment or discuss your needs, please click here:

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  • Face-to-face clinic-based appointments and Telehealth appointments are available.
  • Isobel see clients on a weekly or fortnightly basis and provide clients with a regular time slot.
  • Referral options include Mental Health Care Plans from GPs, NDIS clients, Private Health rebates, and self-referrals.
  • Initial sessions for face-to-face and Tele-health appointments are 60 minutes and cost $205.
  • Subsequent face-to-face appointments are 50 – 60 minutes and cost $205.
  • Tele-health appointments are 50 – 60 minutes and cost $205.

Clients accessing sessions under a GP mental health care plan will need a referral from their GP and will receive a rebate for their session of approximately $93.25. Mental Health Care plan clients will have access to 10 sessions (if eligible) per calendar year until December 2024. If using a mental health care plan, clients need to get a referral from their GP before meeting with Isobel. 

Clients claiming rebates with their private health will need to check their Extras cover and submit a claim through their provider’s portal. 

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