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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT as it is commonly referred to, is a type of psychotherapy used to address a range of mental health conditions. CBT is used by skilled psychologists with their clients to address issues including anxiety, anger, depression, and a range of other mental health issues. CBT involves examining links between a client’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how each may affect their perception and wellbeing. CBT is a common and popular form of therapy, largely because it’s generally short-term, oriented towards achieving specific goals, is practical and very much hands-on, and has been proven to be an effective form of treatment. Research shows that CBT can be effective for treating:

  • anxiety disorders including  generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and social anxiety disorder
  • Teenager psychosis
  • mood disorders including  depression and bipolar disorder
  • eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia nervosa
  • issues including anger, stress, alcoholism, and problem gambling.

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How does CBT work?

As a form of psychotherapy, CBT  aims to help a person change unhelpful or unhealthy patterns of behaving, thoughts, and thinking, and how you feel. The fundamental premise is helping a client to understand that negative thinking is a bad habit that needs to be broken. A psychologist will work with you to show how your negative thinking and actions affect your mood and hebaviours, and that is preventing you from achieving your goals aand living a full, rich and fulfilling life. WHen using CBT as part of a session, I will help you to learn practical self-help strategies for approaching specific challenges and problems you are facing in a  positive way. CBT can be an effective treatment for children to treat depression and depressive behaviours. CBT can provide children with practicval and realistic strategies to improve their lives such that strategies taught become second nature, and with the new skillsstaying with them throughout adolescence and adulthood.

CBT can help children learn to control:

  • self-defeating and negative thoughts
  • impulsivity
  • thoughts of worthlessness
  • defiance or oppositional behaviours
  • tantrums and bad tempered behaviours

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