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Psychological assessments in children

Psychological  assessment involves the use of techniques and tools to learn about a  child, either to inform others about how they function now, or to provide information to assist in predicting their behaviour and functioning in the future. This information is sought and very important to glean specific information about a child, and to give parents, carers and health professionals information that can assist children in meeting their full potential. Importantly for some people, such assessments and diagnoses can assist families to access funding and important supports for their children. The process of psychological assessment may include interviews, observing behaviours such as quiet play, taking inventories or very specific psychometric tests. Such tests are used by us to form a picture of what is occurring for a child. Contact us for further information about our testing and assessment processes and how they and ON Track Psychology Brisbane can assist your child.

Don’t be alarmed if your GP, paediatrician or school counsellor suggests your child could benefit from having a psychological assessment. At On Track Psychology Brisbane we provide assessments where a child is thought to be experiencing learning difficulties or having cognitive challenges. We are also very experienced in working with the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and difficulties such as Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, depression and a range of other and related mental health conditions. If you have private health care insurance, you may be eligible for a subsidy for therapy and counselling services. See also: Child Psychologist Brisbane Read about me here – find the location for On Track Psychology Brisbane

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I am a qualified child and youth psychologist, specialising in helping young people and their families develop healthy positive relationships and home lives, for the benefit of all family members and friends to improve socialisation and lead a happier life.

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