mental health apps

There is a great deal of research, evidence, and opinion on the value of Apple and Android apps aimed at helping people with mental health issues including anxiety and depression. There are apps for a range of purposes and that take a variety of approaches for people struggling with low mood, anxiety, or major depression. When used in isolation, apps have been proven in some cases to be effective if users are experiencing only subclinical or mild difficulties. For users with more severe and persistent symptoms, in combination with a mental health treatment plan apps can be useful in many ways such as for learning about mood, helping with exercise and motivation, supporting sleep difficulties and building coping mechanisms. And whilst the development of mental health apps has grown enormously in recent years and are now on the market in their hundreds or even thousands, we urge caution as there is the possibility that more harm than good. At OnTrack Psychology, we work with you to develop comprehensive mental health care and treatment plan, and that may include the use of apps or other specialised software.

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