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Depression is essentially persistent feelings of sadness, loss of interest and general feelings of apathy, and in some cases feelings of complete helplessness. Symptoms that characterise major depression can lead to a range of behavioural and physical symptoms, and when left untreated can manifest themselves in a number of negative ways. These may include changes in communication, attitude to work and relationships, sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, or self-esteem. In extreme cases, depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. Adults and children can experience depression in varying levels of severity. Depression can cause changes in mood through anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or sadness. Changes to normal behaviour can include feeling agitated, crying excessively, being irritable and restless, and social isolation. Interruption to sleep is common by laying awake, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep. Depression can also lead to excessive hunger, fatigue, or loss of appetite. It also commonly causes problems with concentrating on certain tasks, slowness in activity, or thoughts of suicide. Weight gain or weight loss is common in persons experiencing bouts of depression. 

Depression is a complex disease, and no one knows exactly what causes it. However, depression can happen for a variety of reasons. Some people have depression during a serious medical illness, or as a result of a major life change such as an accident, relationship breakdown, or loss of employment. Others may have a family history of depression – there are also those who have depression and feel overwhelmed with sadness and loneliness for no obvious reason – see also, treating depression in children.

There’s no one proven way of treating people presenting with depressive symptoms – some people recover from depression, and others suffer ongoing and long-term bouts = it’s different for everyone. However, there is a range of proven and effective treatments and our psychologists at OnTrack Psychology Brisbane can help you on the road to recovery. Importantly, your psychologist will advise on a number of things you can do for yourself to recover and stay well. The important thing is finding the right treatment and the right health professional for your needs – this is where OnTrack Psychology Brisbane can help. help.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a structured psychological treatment that recognises that the way people act affects the way we feel. CBT is one of the most effective treatments for depression and has been found to be useful for a wide range of ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older people. CBT involves working with a health professional to identify thought and behaviour patterns that are either making you more likely to become depressed, or stopping you from recovering when experiencing depression.

Medication for Depression

A common method for treating depression is medication, with the primary medical treatment for depression being antidepressant medication. But be careful, there is a lot of misinformation about antidepressant medication freely available, and while there is no simple explanation as to how it works, it can be very useful in the treatment of moderate to severe depression and some anxiety disorders. At OnTrack Psychology, we will work with you to talk through the relevant merits of using medications to treat your depression. Antidepressants are sometimes prescribed when psychological treatments aren’t possible due to the severity of the condition, or where there is a lack of access to treatment.

Depression left untreated

If left untreated, depression and anxiety can go on for weeks, months, or even years. However, the positive news is that a range of effective treatments are available, as well as things you can do yourself to recover and stay well such as exercise, meditation, and mindfulness. Different treatments work for different people – speak to your psychologist about your options and preferences – most people find that a combination of approaches to treating depression is most effective. OnTrack Psychology Brisbane can help with depression, we have a convenient location in Greenslopes Brisbane – contact us today.

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