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Most parents feel confident supporting their children most of the time. However, there are times when we may need some additional, and professional support. This can range from general information about parenting issues to highly specific information about challenging behaviour, learning difficulties, developmental queries, anxiety, depression or worry, or dealing with the social aspects of a child’s life such as developing and maintaining friendships. Ontrack Child Psychology Brisbane offers a unique, safe and caring environment for supporting parents across a wide range of topics. Our psychologists have extensive professional and personal experience with children and families – we each have our own specialty areas of expertise, interests and professional experience. We take pride in providing straightforward and easy to understand advice. For example, if your child is having problems as a result of separation and divorce, we seek to understand how to help your child or children Our therapists are available to discuss, assess, and provide intervention for learning difficulties, early literacy acquisition, developmental delays, and for children who may have dyslexia. We are also able to discuss adult assessments for learning difficulties and support you in seeking to understand your abilities and talents. We also offer group programs for parents and that include behaviour and parenting workshops and parent groups which teach parents how to support anxious children.